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Micah S. Breedlove

Email: msbreedlove@comcast.net


My goal is to further my experience in the technology field. I plan to work in web design and  multimedia production, and UNIX system administration.

I plan to one day run my own web design and consultation company.


2000 - Present  Dalton State College Dalton, Georgia
1996 - 2000  Dade County High School Trenton, Georgia
Work experience

August 2000 - Current Dalton State College (OCIS)  Dalton, Georgia

Luminis Systems Administrator / Analyst

  • Luminis Administration

  • I administer UNIX based servers for Dalton State College 
    Responsibilities include:

    • performing backups

    • Server maintenance

    • Security checks

    • Administer software

  • I administer Faculty/Staff and Student Email Services.

  • I create and maintain web applications for use of Dalton State College

  • I create and maintain applications for use of Dalton State College

  • I assist faculty and staff with computer problems

November 2002 - September 2003  See Rock City Inc. Lookout Mountain, Georgia


  • My responsibilities include parking, maintenance and upkeep of Rock City.
September 2002 - November 2002 See Rock City Inc. Lookout Mountain, Georgia

Assistant Manager of Maze Operations at The Enchanted Maze

  • Supervise employees at the Maze
  • Ensure standard operations are running normally

June 1997 March 2001 See Rock City Inc. Lookout Mountain, Georgia

Costume Character Supervisor/ Food Service Lead/ Operations 

  • I was in charge of ensuring characters rotated on a schedule

  • Made schedules for character employees

  • I ensured upkeep of the costumes

  • I was also left in charge of food service if no one higher than my self was present.

  • Helped with stocking of food service stands, and monitoring stands

  • Prepared food 

  • I maintained public facilities, grounds-keeping and other tasks as assigned

April 2000 June 2000  Voyager Online (Vol.Com) Chattanooga, Tennessee
**Note: Now bought by Earthlink

Technical Support

  • Assisted users with problems related to service, connections, ftp navigation, and web pages (CGI & HTML)
  • Created, reactivated, and deactivated accounts
Freelance Projects
  • Maintain a side-business with several professional clients.
  • Created an E-Business card for the Whitfield County Chamber of Commerce
  • Installed and configured networks for many individuals and businesses,
           including the Wicks-n-Sticks store previously in Hamilton Place Mall, a
           local mall.

Technical experience

When it comes to technology I have always enjoyed learning new things. I also have the aptitude to pick-up and learn new things extremely quickly and thoroughly.

A list of Operating Systems I am familiar with:

  • MS (PC)-DOS

  • Windows 3.0 - XP (including NT and 2000)

  • MacOS

  • Unix  ( Linux;  BSD;  Solaris;  HP-UX;  BeOS;  AIX )

  • Novell

  • PalmOS

Languages and web technologies I have experience with:

  • Java

  • Perl

  • C/C++

  • SQL

  • HTML

  • PHP

  • JavaScript

  • Flash

  • Java Servlets
  • Java Server Pages (JSP)
  • Visual Basic .NET
Personal  Computing

I am currently running at home:
the description of the machine (Name of the machine)
Operating System Name General Info
Linux Stonehenge  
FreeBSD Zelda Laptop
Solaris Mithril when ever the new firewall goes up the OS will change
Windows XP TylerDurden laptop
PalmOS Glitch PDA - HandSpring Prism
Windows XP Gizmo  
FreeBSD Duddits  
 Windows XP / Windows XP-64 Samus Primary Computer

Next on my agenda:
1.)  Belladonna


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