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05.29.02 Ok, I'm a dummy, forgive me (I'm sure you care....) I left my tutorials I was going to put up tonight at work. Well I'll just ruin the surprise and tell you what they are. They are configuring Apache 2 with PHP on FreeBSD and Setting up  MySQL for FreeBSD (Binary install). No I have not forgotten Installing OpenBSD, however I did notice a few evenings ago that there IS one on OpenBSD's site. OH! Very exciting news I finally found and have purchased a druid's cloak (Christian representation). Thanks Scott! Well due to my chronic fatigue of recently I shall retire to the depths of sleep. BTW: Chris GO SEE STAR WARS!
Thank you ladies and gentlemen and goodnight.
05.21.02 I decided I would just inform you all that I am updating my blog two nights in a row (please don't pass out I did it wasn't fun). Basically I'm using this time and space to shamelessly plug my friends band so go here: http://www.undread.com, also another friends site: http://www.datawolf777.com and to say hello to everyone who is reading this. Geez I am so bored. For those of you who are anxiously awaiting  the arrival of the installing OpenBSD page I just have to have a little more time to devote to my personal page. Deciding that I wanted to better understand UNIX by better understanding the C programming language has really diminished my time oh well. Plus I just bought a GameBox (or a Gamecube to everyone but Neal) so I spend too much time playing it and I only bought it yesterday... Anayways I'm going to bed.
05.20.02 A moment to reflect. Wow, I am sitting still for a moment. It has been an eventful couple of weeks. Ben and Belinda's wedding being the main thing (and most fresh in my mind) all the other things seem to have faded away into the depths of my mind. X-files has ended, and the past 9 years of my life have been brought to what validation? ...more questions. Personal life has been going, but family problems have risen, if you pray please pray for me and my family, if you don't just please remember us. Thanks.
Good night.
05.04.02 Well finally I have my internet access. The newer layout of the TechTips page is up and I'm in the process of putting up a new *nix tip. After my experiences yesterday I decided that a HOWTO on installing OpenBSD would extremely helpful to anyone. I forgot how much of a hassle it is to install. I'm working on it so expect it up in the next couple of days (depending on how much time I get to work on it the rest of this weekend). Just check back in a day or so it should be here. Let's go figure out what I'm doing this evening. 
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