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April 2002

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Moved. Almost everything is here I have Cable, my internet connection is uhh sort-of here I just have to wait for the server and my mac address to sync up. Geez! At least I have cable and can watch tv. I'm back in the single world, good timing for the internet connection. I decided yesterday I'm gonna do some re-vamping on my site. Specific pages targeted for re-vamp is my tech. tips index, my virus index and any other page. I deem that needs it. I'll prolly start to work on that this evening or tomorrow sometime. Well I think I shall go eat now Thank you for calling.

04.22.02 Finally, I'm moved (or at least 93% moved) I'm still waiting about my internet connection.... Maybe one day.... I seem to be staying a little more on top of my game by updating more frequently, let's see how long that lasts...but things are continuing to busy just not as hectic which I'm VERY thankful of. Last night was terrible, X-files ENDED for me last evening with the death of The Lone Gunmen! X-Files 09.10.93 - 04.21.02 Well anyway I must be off to work now.

I just thought that things were calming down, as of 15 April 2002 I was the proud occupant of an apartment of my very own. Now that I'm moving out I won't have near as far to drive. I am going to be "buzy and krazy" for the next couple weeks. Once everything is taken care of and starts to slow down I’m sure everything will speed right backup. On a lighter note, I’m hoping I will be able to host my website from my home when my connection gets installed (crossing fingers). Until next time. See you on the Dark Side of the moon.


Well, things are calming down some and picking up in others. Having this job, I'm getting to spend more working with web development (which you would think would mean I should be able to work on my website more right? WRONG!) I'm also have the pleasure of balancing school (the whole 2 classes I have), working on getting up my faculty/staff page up at work and a girlfriend. I am hardly even on AIM anymore, and when I am it's usually for a few minutes (maximum). Well this evening I am taking some time to update my blog for those of you whom I haven't talked to in months so you can keep up to speed (some-what) with my life. Cheerio!


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