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05.03.05 Still working on the Lister's Minion's section. I had something I was going to say but can't rem. for the life of me what it was...
04.18.05 Ok... My website was down... it is now back... after some finagling with HostReflex and them saying that i was 6 months over due on payment.... well we went round and round...site is back up now even though I think some of my Blog Posts have vanished...anyway! on to more important things I am/will be starting a new World of Warcraft section  soon for Lister's Minions to post screenshots and stuff. I have one that inspired the thought of a song by KoRn, I therefore entitled this screenshot, "Dead Bodies Everywhere." It will be the first of many to appear.
Thank you dope fiends for your support.
NHL -- No Hockey League.
Well since the season is officially cancelled.. I guess it's a good thing NASCAR cranks up Sunday so I'll have something to entertain me. :-)
02.08.05 First off let me say Happy Birthday to Stephanie (yesterday) -- Happy 21st! Secondly let me say I've found a new fun thing to do in my bored time... Create BlackBox themes. I've created several over the past few weeks... most of them suck but I've been impressed with a few. Two of them are posted here on my website and are available for download. You can find them under the Code portion of my website. Have a good day!
01.28.05 Well it's been a while since I got around to updating the blog. Yeah wow I've been busy. I've revamped my New Logic website as well as I have been working a lot with clients so... yeah I've been busy. I'll get around to updating the look of the blog soon. I've promised some of you I'd be doing it and fear not I will be soon I think I've figured out how i'm gonna do it.
12.09.04 As the hours draw near and the closing of the first day in thirty-eight years the world has been without Darrell Abbott (a.k.a. Diamond Darrell and Dimebag Darrell). This great metal guitarist's life was tragically cut short last night (08 December, 2004) by 25 year-old Nathan Gale. Gale jumped on stage during the DamagePlan concert at the Chicago nightclub Alrosa Villa and fired multiple shots at Dimebag Darrell and killed 4 others. Hale's own life was ended by police. This metal legend will long be missed and ne'er forgotten.
"Dimebag" Darrell Lance Abbott 1966 -- 2004.
12.02.04 We talked a lot about Blogging today... I realized I should update my Blog... not like many people read it. but whatever.
11.18.04 After some Serious Diablo II'ing I decided I'd finally post some pix of the lovely lady... Samus.
Here you are gents. Samus.
11.16.04 After seeing my store posted on UserFriendly I decided that I might oughtta start adding new Products. So I've added new "Enemy's Gate is Down" products as well as some new DruiD628.Com Swag. I'm just waiting to see someone with one of my products now. One can only hope... :-)
11.1.04 Well now that I'm able to edit my website again... weird ass people at HostReflex... anyway. Well as I said previously  Samus is Alive FINALLY I'll be posting pictures of her soon. I've been enjoying playing doom 3 and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic... maybe one day Quake 4 will come out and I'll have to build Belladonna to play it but that will be OK. Anyway so finally the Maize has been wrapped up. I'm glad it's over. I'm glad because my weekends will belong more to me again and not have to waste gas driving all the way over there, Samus is built so that was my primary reason for going back to work for extra dough. However, I am a little sad about it being over... I will miss my Rock City family. Especially some of the new members of the family. Last night was actually a hard to say good-bye night. Anyway if any of you guys are reading this, I'm gonna miss seeing you guys every weekend but we'll still see each other off and on. Anyways I guess I'm done for now off to get back to work.
10.21.04 SAMUS IS ALIVE!
Explanation of w00t:
w00t! is an exclamation of extreme excitement by computer geeks, typically gamers. Due to the commonality of word-doubling by computer geeks, w00t is often said or typed as:
w00t! w00t!
w00t comes from one of the first games that redefined PC Gaming. This to some of us is the Grandfather of all great games. This game is Quake.
Quake has left a legacy behind. Great games such as Half-Life, Counter Strike and many other great FPS games are known to some as Games birthed from Quake
Doom an ever popular FPS (First Person Shooter) which actually came out prior to Quake, is also known as the Great-Grandfather FPS... but unfortunately Doom held not the impact of Quake Therefore all great FPS games are Centered around the mighty Quake.

09.27.04 HAHA! I fixed the Email-2-A Friend Feature on the website. I didn't realize that there was a bug in the code until people started emailing me cussing me out for sending their friends to the wrong page. But Fear not it is fixed! =D Thanks to all those who pointed it out to me and thank you all for your patience. Also so every knows. The Virus Track Email is no more. My hosting company skrewed me over and messed it up however a new feature is now up and available. The Druid Library, also known as the Message Boards. I never realized how much I depended on www.newegg.com now that it's down  and has been down almost ALL day long, I feel so misplaced. It's like that feeling I had when www.google.com went down. =(
09.21.04 I HATE YOU GEORGE LUCAS! http://www.cnn.com/2004/SHOWBIZ/Movies/09/20/film.qa.george.lucas.ap/index.html
09.16.04 GREAT! No Hockey this year! GEEZ My day has been ruined! I swear what the hell is wrong with you people!?!
This is very important! This is about our heritage! Do we want our generations to follow growing up thinking that Greedo shot first? What would that say about our society?  If we let them grow up with only this defiled version of Star Wars, who know how they'd end up? So go sign the petition at www.originaltrilogy.com and have the real version preserved in history where it belongs.

09.09.04 Well I start back to work at the Maze 2nite and it officially starts tomorrow night. Hope I have fun!
09.06.04 Sometimes you meet someone in your life, and that person touches your life and leaves a fingerprint.  That fingerprint we care with us throughout the rest of our lives. We carry our collection of fingerprints with us and we are connected to these people. We look at the fingerprints we keep with us and know who each one is without having to think even-so-much as a second. Sometimes when that person needs you, you can feel it, you can feel that fingerprint start to burn and glow and you just know it. Brittany I don't know where you are or what you're doing but I'm here if you need me.
09.02.04 Ok... after a few days with-out your neighborhood druid, I'm sure most of you are about ready to cry, if you haven't started already... Fear not I'm back. For some reason my hosting company decided to do upgrades on the server, well apparently unless you go to their website EVERYDAY you wouldn't know this. Well it screwed-up my website(s). The situation has been resolved and DruiD628.com is back in the game. I've decided that after some emails I've received a new ranking system will be instituted -- once I get time to do it, I start working back at the maze tonite -- it will consist of a level-ing system for "Tech Tips" I am un-sure how or when this will go into effect but I have decided this today, anyway, back to work!
07.31.04 My oh my, my past few weeks have been so insanely busy. The five minutes I've taken to update my blog are about the only five minutes I've had lately to just chill. Business has been wonderful, time to myself and my wife has been little but hopefully life will balance out soon. Anyway l4t3r.
07.14.04 We spend all this money trying to fight terrorism in other countries yet for we don't seem to give a damn about the terrorist organizations right here in our own borders... RIAA and MPAA
07.10.04 Well only two things to report.
1. I'm hoping to win an iPod, don't really think I'll win but maybe...
2. I finally posted the Comcast Tom-foolery.
  Live-Chat Transcript... Jesus help these people.
  ComCast Security Forum... Why do I even bother

07.06.04 Wow I just had to share this with everyone. I've discovered how harmony and disharmony are practically the same thing.  Last night I was going  to visit a close friend who lives near Rock City (where some of you know I used to work for many years). Well as I was driving along State Highway 193 and I had a calming experience. As I passed Rock City from the valley I looked up and to my left and noticed how the wind whipped in my window as I drove. Enjoying how calming the smell of the approaching rain was, I stared at my former place of work. I begin to think of all the memories that I hold fond of Rock City, which eventually led way into the memories I wish I could bury. While running through these memories, Metallica's Until it Sleeps parades out of my speakers slicing through the emotions I associate with my memories. Then I realized it was all the same.
I continued to drive on through an area which is commonly referred to as slums, I watched the people outside, they all could tell a storm was coming. The winds were violent, the smell had intensified, and most of these people though not very well off were happy. Why are they so happy? How could they be so happy?  Because Harmony and Disharmony are simply the same thing. Everything happens for a reason. Harmony and disharmony are merely the way we perceive what his happening around us. With out Harmony we would have nothing to judge disharmony; without disharmony we would have nothing to judge harmony. The basic point is, no matter how good something is, it's also just as bad maybe not for you but for someone else. Everything is a cycle. Just like energy.  Nothing is real, everything is simply perception. It is how we perceive the things going on around us, we can't change them, we can't erase them, we can't effect them, nor can they really effect us. We only perceive what we want them to be. If I were to kill someone who did something I perceive as wrong, someone might perceive what I did as wrong and what my victim did as just. Who is the judge of right and wrong? Contrary to our own popular beliefs not us. We only look at things the way we want to see them.   

And for those of you who are I'm sure wondering: Yes, I was sober when I wrote this and when I had this enlightenment.
Just a thought...

07.05.04 Things have gotten better. MUCH better. You know what burns me up. Low Carb. I am SO SICK of LOW Carb this Low Carb That I swear. Skyy Vodka has gotten in to it, Coca-Cola has jumped on the bandwagon. I know what you're doing. I'm on to you, most everyone thinks I'm crazy but I know what's going on. In a few years everything will be 'low carb' if you go to a fast food joint and ask for a hamburger you'll have to order it special just to get the bun. I can just see it now,

"Hi welcome to Wendy's may I help you?"
"Yes, I'd like a cheeseburger with the bun."

and sure as day as soon as you say with the bun, not only does the girl behind the counter hit the button to charge you extra for wanting a bun, but everyone has become so hypnotized by this Atkin's Low Carb crap that they all shudder and stare at you as if you just ordered a grilled fetus. Any way SKREW LOW CARB let me get fat and loose my fat the old fashioned way, by getting off my fat ass and exercising and watching my portions.
06.28.04 happy birthday to me. I do believe this has probably been the worst birthday i've ever had. The past two days have been Hell. Maybe it'll get better...
06.20.04 First off I have the GREATEST wife in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD. She bought me a bithday present yesterday and gave it to me (just about 9 days before my birthday). She bought me a NEW video Card an Xtasy 9600 card. LIFE IS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOD! Also Last night wrapped up another Riverbend. Sometimes it's great to live in the Chattanooga area.
06.09.04 Well now that Stonehenge is no longer (100%) on the blink... I just can't play EverQuest on my home it.... :-/ Stonehenge still has only a 32 MB Video Card in it so I can't play BattleField Vietnam nor can I play MOST games I want to play. That SUCKS! So Let me enlighten you all a little on my adventures with attempting to fix Stonehenge. First off my video card problem, would reboot anytime I was doing anything where it had to draw the screen faster than it wanted too (not just games...) Borrowed another 32MB video card NVidia Chipset it works but EQ is SO INCREDIBLY SLOW. Also I then had problems with the PC booting. Sometimes it would see the Hard Drive beit the Linux Hard drive or the Windows hard drive, so I found out it was the IDE Ribbon.. fixed that. Next back to the OLD problem from back when I first built Stonehenge, the RAM issue. One of the Thirteen-billion times I booted up during all this process I noticed that POST said my stick of RAM was in the 3rd slot... Oh Contraire! So I dig the box out of the desk -- again -- look at the mother board the stick was placed in the first slot closest to the processor, which I learned when I was just a wee lad was Slot 1, the motherboard even says it is slot 1... Guess what it isn't... I put it in the slot labeled 3 (actually 1) and rebooted. BIOS saw the RAM in slot 1... So... lets get risky, I added the 256M stick into slot labeled 2.  Ran the computer for a while all still seems to be working fine... Hallelujah! Two outta three ain't bad! Now back to the days prior. As many of you know since I switched service to comcast I have yet to be able to ssh into my pc nor accept traffic on port 80... Well after chatting with Tech Support and asking questions on the forums I finally can. Comcast says I should have been able to do it all along, yet I couldn't and now suddenly I can? You be the judge. I'll post the Convo's with Comcast Later. But As for now I must go back inside I'm getting eaten alive by the bugs out here on my back deck.
06.01.04 Well I've got a new item to add to the desktop collection thanks to Midget.
Work (1280x960)
05.26.04 Well it's been two months since my last entry. But that's because it has been a BUSY two months. For one I'm a married man now. Jaime and I were married 15 May, 2004 [thanks to all those who were there]. I've learned two things about cars in the past few weeks too...
Lesson #1 Don't take the boots off the spark plugs and try and crank the car. You'll blow the coil packs. [ Thanks Derrick :-) ]
Lesson #2 Make sure the clutch fluid reservoir is completely empty when you are changing the clutch master cylinder.
03.26.04 My desktop collection begins. I will begin to post screenshots of my desktops.
Work (1280x960)
03.23.04 Posted photos of my car. (more to come.)
03.12.04 Freelance business has picked up, Haven't had time to dedicate to my own personal sites. Been working on the college stuff and freelance pages. I'm contemplating starting the Virus Track mailing list so we can help keep each other abreast of viruses running rampant throughout the internet. Simply visit: http://mail.druid628.com/mailman/listinfo/virus-track_druid628.com to fill out the form. Hope to hear from you soon.
02.16.04 Well well well, we are already into the second month of the new year and I'm finally getting to update my website. WOW I feel lazy.

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